FILMMAKING SUCCESS: Making the Teen Comedy 

by Joe Lam


A book about the essential elements that make up the high school comedy genre. It's written for filmmakers who want to learn what it takes to make a successful Teen Comedy and draws examples from classic films in the genre. The book also includes interviews from today's teenagers about what they look for in a Teen Comedy.

- Book Topics -

  • Learn the Essential Elements for a Successful Teen Comedy
  • Discover the Do's and Don'ts of this Genre
  • Access a Variety of Sub-Genre Plots
  • Determin the Pros & Cons of a High School Setting
  • Avoid Rehashing Storylines from Classic Teen Movies
  • Create Unique & Relatable Teenage Characters
  • Increase the Salability & Marketability of Your Project
  • Figure out Your Movie Rating: G. PG-13, or R
  • Easy-to-Use Story Lists: Comedic Characters, Teen Romance Plots,
  • Locations, Once-in-a-Lifetime Events, and more
  • Find Out What Today's Teens Want to See

About the Author

Joe Lam is an 8x award-winning filmmaker. His first published book is Chicken Soup for the Soul: Campus Chronicles where he shares his inspirational journey of winning the Top Film Award before graduating film school. Joe has written over 50 articles as a Film Journalist, taught filmmaking to teenagers, and has written 6 feature screenplays. He is the Owner of Shining Light Pictures, a full-service film/video production company.

  • Owner of "Shining Light Pictures"
  • Contributing Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Campus Chronicles" (Inspirational Film Story for College Students)
  • Taught Filmmaking to Teenagers
  • Former Media Producer for International Teen Charity
  • Former Award-Winning Film Journalist for ""
  • BFA in Motion Pictures & Television, Academy of Art University, 2003