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Let It Go

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Screenplay by:

Joe Lam & Bruce Kuglin


Synopsis & Screenplay

Available Upon Request


Repped by:

Frank Shapiro Talent Agency

(818) 376-0502

Title: Split


Genre: Psychological Thriller


Intended Rating: R


Comparables: Memento, Manchurian Candidate



A guy who switches between left and right brain personalities is manipulated by a Neurosurgeon to commit the ultimate crime.


One day, Nick, a 20 year-old bipolar kid, gets knocked unconscious, and a Dr. Von Zimmer reveals that he suffers a rare brain disorder. So when his right brain is active, his left brain is shut off, and every 12 hours, it switches. This story is told in a broken narrative by telling the entire right brain story first, followed by the left.


Right Brain Story:

Nick is highly irrational and emotional and he learns from Dr. Von Zimmer that his girlfriend, Stacey, is being physically abused by her father. He forgets the last 12 hours with every brain skip, and his mind rapidly deteriorates giving him one week to live. When Stacey’s mom is too afraid to report her husband’s abuse, due to his wealth and connections, Nick decides to buy a gun. However, when his brain skips, he finds Stacey dead, apparently shot by her father. Before his final brain skip, Nick sets out to kill Stacey’s father.


Left Brain Story:

This fills in all the missing pieces with a Nick who is extremely logical and devoid of emotions. It begins with Dr. Von Zimmer surgically implanting a device in Nick’s head that causes the split. In truth, the doctor is secretly having an affair with Stacey’s mom and Nick has been manipulated all along. And if the father dies, they will gain inheritance money to conduct more medical experiments. In the finale, Nick must race against time to warn his right brain self about the truth, attempt to save Stacey, and kill Dr. Von Zimmer.

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Story Pitch selected as Top 10 Pitch Finalists at American Film Market 2016