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Let It Go

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Screenplay by Bruce Kuglin.


Synopsis & Screenplay available upon request.

Title: Saint Pete


Genre: Family Adventure


Intended Rating: PG


Comparables: Air Bud, Beethoven


Logline: When a boy loses his dog Pete on Christmas Eve, he thinks he's magically returned as a boy with same name, and must protect him from kidnappers who seek ransom money.



It’s Christmas Eve and Sheriff Jim Nelson, who recently gained custody of his 11-year-old son, Butch, is out of touch with his new role as single father. When he picks up Butch at a day care, he’s shocked to find Butch using his golden retriever, Pete, to threaten attack against bullying teens. At home, Jim’s dad shares fatherly advice for his son, despite his own shortcomings in raising Jim. When Pete sneaks out the backyard, he finds himself in the path of a sleepy truck driver, who hits Pete and crashes into a ditch, leaving him unconscious and his 4-year-old son alone in the woods.


When Butch awakens to find Pete missing, he tries to enlist help from Jim, who agrees, until he leaves for an urgent call regarding the car crash. Feeling abandoned by his father, Butch fires up a mini-bike in search for his dog. Eventually, he encounters the 4-year-old who carries the same nametag, Pete, and believes his dog has returned to him in human form. Butch brings Pete home to acclimate him to human life by eating pizza, drinking soda, and watching TV. Meanwhile at the hospital, Jim handles a flurry of questions from news reporters, journalists, and the social media bloggers regarding the identity of the unconscious driver, whom the press dub Kris Kringle.


During a return outing from a convenient store, Butch and Pete encounter the teen bullies, who pull over in their truck to exact revenge from the earlier dog attack. Butch manages to fend them off and narrowly escapes with Pete into the woods, just as another car arrives to disrupt the scene. Back in the woods, the Butch acknowledges that Pete is not his dog and promises to return him to his family before Christmas. Elsewhere in the woods, Pete the dog awakens from the car accident and faces his own battles against a group of coyotes while traveling home.


In another city, Pete’s mother sees her comatose ex-husband on the evening news and she frantically races to the hospital. Jim receives a call and learns about her missing 4-year-old, prompting a town-wide search and rescue. The bullies also learn of a $25,000 reward for information that leads to Pete’s safe return and lay waiting at Butch’s house. Butch manages to sneak Pete past the bullies to get into his house and call Jim, who unfortunately doesn’t have time to listen as he’s dealing with the media, Pete’s distraught mother, and the rescue effort. Suddenly, the bullies break inside and kidnap Pete against his will. Sulking in defeat, Butch receives encouragement from Grandpa about a time he once saved his dog, Pete, which gives him newfound strength to give chase on his mini-bike.


Everything comes to a head as Pete’s father awakens from his coma and Jim gets a call from the bullies who demand the reward money in exchange for Pete. Butch arrives at the hospital to keep his promise and a final fight ensues. While Butch retrieves Pete and fights off the bullies, it starts to turn vicious, but they’re saved just in time by his dog, Pete. The bullies run away for good and Butch introduces Pete to Pete. The next day, everyone celebrates Christmas as Pete’s mom and Butch’s dad share a romantic kiss, uniting two families into one.



Saint Pete