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Shining Light Pictures 

Let It Go

Let It Go

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Shining Light Pictures 

Screenplay by:

Sarah Mankowski & Joe Lam


Synopsis & Screenplay

Available Upon Request

Title: Gawkward


Genre: Teen Comedy


Intended Rating: PG-13


Comparables: Mean Girls, 10 Things I Hate About You



The misadventures of a teenage girl who explores her sexuality to gain freedom from her overbearing mother.


Short Pitch:

Lucy is a sheltered 16-year-old girl whose mom has strict rules of no phone, no Internet, and no boys. Meanwhile, Lucy's sister Sunny, is sexually active and gets all the freedom in the world. When Lucy discovers that her sister's sexual activity equals freedom from their mom, she enlists the help of her best friend Alex, to learn more about sex.


Their naive anitcs involve raiding the library for books on sexuality, playing seductive game of Twister, and even sharing a kiss to prepare for the real thing with boys. However, Alex is a closet lesbian with a secret crush on Lucy and her attempts to seduce Lucy lead the entire school to believe both are lesbians, an outcome that devastates Lucy's strict Catholic mother, with hilarious consequences.

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